Take the ‘Slow Down, Monkey!’ quiz all about animals…

It’s Monkey’s birthday and every animal in the rainforest is invited to her party…

But that means there’s some seriously speedy planning needed to make sure it’s a celebration to remember.

Monkey rushes through the jungle to get the special cake, funky band and colourful decorations she needs, but nothing seems to be going right.

That’s until she meets a super-chilled sloth, who teaches her how to slow down and really look at, listen to and experience the vivid world around her in a much more mindful manner.

Written by TV presenter, vet and conservationist Jess French, with a rhyming text set to a jumping, jungle beat, the book is brought to life with beautiful illustrations by picture book talent, Eefje Kuijl.

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How much do you know about the animals in ‘Slow Down, Monkey!”? Find out below.

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