Make water more exciting by adding fruit, berries, and herbs!

Professor Hallux is back!

Summer is usually really hot and that means you’ll need loads of water!

Did you know? Most of our bodies are made of water! We need to keep ourselves constantly topped up with the stuff.

If we don’t, we become dehydrated. We might become thirsty, get headcaches, lose concentration, or worse!

Today, Professor Hallux is back and is teaching us all about water.

He’s investigating exactly why water is so important and is telling us all the different ways we can get our H20 fix!

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But water can sometimes be super boring, right? So today’s challenge is all about jazzing up water!

We want to hear how you make water more exciting. Do you add fruit, berries, or herbs? Or do you just stick with squash!

Here are some ideas on how to make your water more exciting…

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Hallux’s Hydration Helpdesk is now open and is answering all of your water and hydration questions!

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You can listen to¬†Hallux’s Hearing Helpdesk¬†on:

Tell us how you made your water more exciting! 

Send us a photo and we might crown you a Summer Superhero!

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