Play with photography and forced perspective with LEGO¬ģ¬†Mini Missions: Ninjas in the City!

It's all about angles!

Every day this week, we’re setting you a fun challenge to do with photography and tech!

Today we’ve teamed up with our friends at LEGO¬ģ¬†Mini Missions: Ninjas in the City to bring you a super cool photography challenge!

This is all based on forced perspective which is a really fun and clever way of taking photos!

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Wikipedia says forced-perspective is –

A technique that employs optical illusion to make an object appear farther away, closer, larger or smaller than it actually is!

Basically, forced perspective is all about playing around with angles. Here’s how to do it!

Getting level with the subject

You can make the real-world seem like a backdrop for your little LEGO characters!

All you need to do is set your scene and then focus on the subjects at the front of the frame.

The background blurs when your camera focuses on what’s up close and appears distant!

This has the effect of making your LEGO people seem almost s big as actual people in real life!

Go above your subject

You can also make your characters appear even smaller by getting above them and photographing downwards!

This has the effect of making them seem really small and adds a bit of drama!

What do you think is happening in the photo below? 

Or go below your subject!

You can even make your LEGO characters tower over you by playing with forced perspective!

Dropping the camera underneath them and photographing upwards makes them seem all big and scary!

LEGO City Police and Ninjas take to the streets of London ahead of the LEGO pop-up experience on the Southbank this August bank-holiday.

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Did you play with forced perspective? Perhaps you set up your own LEGO scene and took some amazing photos!

If you did, send them to us here at Fun Kids and we might feature them on the website!

It’s super easy to do, just click here!

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