Episode 8: Video Stars

It's Nancy and the Meerkats!

Hey, it’s Nancy here from soon-to-be world famous pop group Nancy and the Meerkats!

So I was watching Justin Beaver videos for hours and hours today and then realised Nancy and the Meerkats should make one!

It might just be what we need to get our single up the charts!

Our manager Big Joe rained on our parade though by reminding us our budget wouldn’t stretch to a tropical island. In fact, it probably wouldn’t stretch to an ice lolly!

We haven’t even got camera like Justin Beaver.  Big Joe had some bright ideas though like using his smart phone. It’s got a super high tech video recorder on it. And my computer can do some pretty cool bits, maybe even put a beach background on.

We’d almost finished the video but I suddenly thought “How is anyone going to see it?”.

And once again, Joe had the answer. Mew Tube. It’s one of the video sharing sites where I watch the Justin Beaver videos.

Anyone can put a video on these sites as long as they own the copyright. Our song is brand new and we own copyright because we made it. Nothing to stop us uploading the video!

These sites have clever technology to make sure no one steals the video too. There’s a record of everything that’s uploaded and can detect if someone else uploads the same thing.

If it detects a copy then different things can happen. If you set a rule that says ‘no copying’ then it won’t be allowed. The same goes for people linking to the video on social networking sites – if you’re cool with that, it’s allowed. If you’d rather they didn’t, then it won’t!

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