Fire Safety Tips

Fortunately most people will never have to deal with a fire like Fireman Sam does, but make sure you know these important fire safety tips to stay safe.

Never play with matches or lighters – if you find them tell an adult so they can be put somewhere safe.

It is dangerous to play in the kitchen as there can be many hot surfaces and hot food and liquids which could hurt you.

Be careful not to leave toys near to fires or heaters – they may catch fire.

If there is a fire in a building you are in – get out and do not go back inside. When you are outside tell an adult quickly, or dial 999 from any telephone, it is free so you won’t need money.

If you are trapped by fire keep the door shut and shout loudly – if there is a window go to it and shout out of the window for help.

Did you know? Unbelievably, some people call the fire brigade as a joke when there is not a real fire. This is called Hoax Calling – and it is a serious business. It can get you into very BIG trouble with the police, not to mention that it might stop a fire engine reaching a real fire in time. Never be tempted to do this, even as a joke.