Sir Sidney McSprocket’s Inspiring Engineering


Sir SidneSir Sidney McSprocket is back, and this time he’s out on the road meeting some really cool engineers.

Engineers are the people who work out how to build some of the most amazing things in the world, from massive bridges, to aeroplanes, to computers – none of them would be possible without engineers.

In this series, Sir Sidney is travelling across the Great British Isles on the trail of the greatest engineers in history. And along the way, he’s getting the engineers to show you some demonstrations of some cool engineering which is sure to amaze your friends.

Want to find out more about some of the most inspirational engineers ever? Click on one of the name’s below to learn more…

Isambard Kingdom Brunel

George Cayley

Yoshio Nishi

Thomas Telford

Emily Roebling

Nikola Tesla

And check out some of the engineers Sir Sidney met on his Inspiring Engineering journey and watch the videos of what they showed him!

Listen below for Sir Sidney McSprocket’s Inspiring Engineering!

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