Animal Powers

Solve these dilemmas with Bene and Mal!

Imagine having animal powers!

It would be cool to smell as a wolf, see in the dark like a bat, or re-grow a limb like a reptile.

Scientists can already mix up the genes of different animals.

They’ve used spider DNA in goats to make goats milk you can spin!


Combining the best bits from different animals could mean you get some very useful results.

Say if scientists mixed up our DNA with a wolf’s, then maybe our super smelling skills could help us sniff out danger!


But what if you grew a big furry coat and a tail as well?

Genes are very complicated things, and you might end up with some results you hadn’t expected!


What about the animal whose DNA we’re playing around with?

Do they get a say in all this? Using animals to make humans more powerful might not be very fair on the animals.

If some animal enhancements save lives, then it’s something to think about.

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