Having Super Speed

flash gordon

Imagine being able to run faster than a train!

Perhaps in the future we can all be fitted with bionic legs or take pills to run faster than a speeding bullet.

We wouldn’t need cars and trains anymore, which would be brilliant for the environment.


If you were in the emergency services, you could reach the scene of an emergency in seconds, so it could save lives too.

That’s a really good reason for speedy legs!


Although you need to remember that if the bionic bits were made of machinery, you’d probably need some kind of operation to get them put in.

Operations can be risky and painful.

Maybe some people would still say “Yep… Sign me up!”,  but it be really expensive, leaving everyone out who couldn’t afford speedy legs. It wouldn’t be fair if only some people had speedy bionic legs and some didn’t.

If you didn’t have bionic parts, at least you wouldn’t have to worry about the machinery breaking down, making you unable to move!

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