Not Feeling Pain


No one likes pain.  It’s horrible and can make us feel very upset. 

A world without pain would be brilliant.

Think of all the people in hospitals right now, if we could put an end to all that suffering – I know what they’d say.


If we don’t feel pain, we could run for like a hundred miles without worrying about the blisters!

We wouldn’t need cars would we?  There you go, another benefit – one that’s good for the environment too!

Although, you wouldn’t feel the blisters, they’d still be there!

In fact, you might end up injuring yourself in all sorts of ways.


Pain is the body’s way of warning us that we have harmed our body.

Sometimes we need to feel things, it’s part of what makes human beings, human!

If you didn’t feel pain, you might not be able to empathise, which means you understand why other people are upset when they get hurt.

You could even end up hurting them by accident!

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