What are space robots?

There are differences - and some similarities - between humans and robots!

There have been many different types of robots that have been developed for space exploration…

From roving vehicles that use wheels or caterpillar tracks to drive over the surface, to human-like robots that could take the place of spacewalking astronauts – using arms and hands, they would be able to make repairs and replace experiments.

Some robots look so lifelike you can hardly tell that they’re not human – there are tons of creepy movies about that!

Artificial intelligence is an exciting field in robotics and scientists are developing robots with the ability to learn and come up with their own ideas.

As we’ve found with the ExoMars Rover, being such a long way from Earth means the more they can do by themselves the better.


  • Robots are built from all sorts of materials with moving joints.  So they’ve got structure too.
  • Robots move around using mechanics and engines.
  • Robots can have sensors and cameras to collect information like that and to respond to information.
  • Robots use all types of fuel – liquid stuff like petrol or even solar panels – like the ExoMars Rover

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