Universe Handbook: Life in Space

Living in space is, er, different!


As you might expect, when you’re living in space life is very different to down here on Earth!

For example, rather than a shower, the astronauts on the International Space Station use a water gun and a cloth to wash and dry themselves.

You also can’t fit a washing machine up there so clothes are worn for about two days and then thrown away! And even changing clothes is very difficult because the lack of gravity means your limbs move and float at odd angles!

Without gravity drinks would float out of the cup so astronauts use special containers and straws.

And to stop their bed floating off while they sleep, astronauts have to tie their sleeping bag to the wall. That’s not their only problem though. They also need to sleep near an air ventilator otherwise their exhaled carbon dioxide will form a bubble around their head!

In space exercising is very important. Weightlessness can cause bone and muscle loss so astronauts exercising at least two hours a day to keep healthy.

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