Design & Technology

Design & Technology

The Speakers

How do pictures and sounds get to your TV and radio?


Sean’s Ultimate Ship

How do you design the world’s best ship?

Amy Aviation

How do aeroplanes work? What different types of aeroplanes are there?


Techno Mum

How does the technology we use every day actually work?

Sidney McSprocket’s Inspiring Engineering

Who are some of the most famous engineers ever?

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Sidney McSprocket’s Everyday Items

Who invented the things we use every day?


Fun Kids Guide to Cars

What do different parts of a car do? How do they work?

Nancy and the Meerkats

Discover great inventions from around the UK!

Food Technology


A to Z of Food, Health and the Environment

Where does food come from? What is Fairtrade?

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The Grain Chain

Learn about how grain is grown and try out some tasty recipes!

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