Extreme Athletes – the Hawk

There are over 250 species of hawks!

Hawks are birds of prey. They have very good eyesight, muscular legs and sharp bills!

Their nostrils are located just above the bill on a fleshy patch of skin that is called the cere.

Hawks are known for their sharp talons, which they use to catch prey even when in flight.  Like most birds of prey, they hunt during the daytime, unlike owls.

Hawks can be found in forests, prairies, marshlands or open savannah.

They vary widely in size – the smallest hawks, such as the sparrow hawk, are about the size of a robin while the rough-legged hawk, one of the largest hawks, has a length of 22 inches and a wingspan of over 55 inches. Female hawks are almost always larger than males.

Top Facts

  • Haws are carnivorous birds!
  • Their average lifespan in the wild is 21 years
  • Their body can be up to 26 inches in length and double that in wingspan!

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