What happens if I don’t drink enough water? How do I know if I’m dehydrated?

Grown ups are probably always telling you to drink more water!

Hydration and Dehydration are two words which describe how much water things have – or don’t have!

If you haven’t had enough water to drink, we say that you are dehydrated

One thing’s certain – humans need to be well hydrated to live! You can only survive a few days without a drink – and long before then your body will start to be affected…

An obvious sign that you’re dehydrated is that you feel thirsty. Everyone recognises that feeling and usually that’s when you’ll seek out a drink!

But way before then, as your body begins to run low on water, you might be aware of other symptoms…

When you’re mildly dehydrated, it gets more difficult to concentrate.

If you’re dehydrated for a long time, you might notice that your pee gets darker! That’s because there isn’t as much water as usual diluting the waste.

Did you know? The longest any human has gone without a drink of water is 18 days.

A man in Austria was left in a police cell by accident and they forgot he was there. He was only discovered after all that time…

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