Three ways to make water more exciting: Herb water, lemon water, and fruit water!

Water can sometimes be bland, right?

One of the most common complaints about water is that it’s so boring and tasteless!

There are things that taste better than water but water does have a taste.

Some people are even paid just to taste water…

If the taste is what’s putting you off, try these fun ways to jazz up your drink!

Add herbs

Herbs are commonly found in teas but you don’t have to brew them.

Add powdered or freshly sliced ginger, mint leaves, or lemongrass to amp up your water!

Or go floral and add some lavender or rose hips! Adding lavender might sound weird but it’s loaded with vitamin C and is really good for you.

Add citrus

Adding lemon or lime to hot or cold drinks is really good!

Not only does it make water taste loads more interesting but it also helps with things like digestion.

Plus, when the negative charged ions in lemons enter your digestive system, it can also give you a super energy boost!

You can also try adding chopped cucumber to your water and recreate a spa experience…

Add fruit

You’ve tried lemon and lime. Time to try something else: Add sliced berries!

You can try what’s on sale or in season: cherries, mango, pineapple, oranges, watermelon…

If you can’t get fresh fruit, try a splash of fruit juice for flavour, but remember that fruit juices can contain lots of sugar.

Also, water always tastes better when cold – so leave a jug of water in the fridge, or add some ice-cubes!

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