About Professor Hallux’s Pathology Puzzles!

It's time to solve medical mysteries!

Professor Hallux’s Pathology Puzzles is a brand new series on Fun Kids all about solving medical mysteries!

tv-clipart-television10One of Professor Hallux’s favourite TV shows is one called ‘Time Cop Crime Stop‘. In the show, the Crime Cops solve all types of mysteries by looking at the evidence and asking questions. Nurse Nanobot isn’t that impressed by it though, she’s far more excited by ‘Robot Wars’ for some reason!

Now, there’s a type of medicine which is all about solving puzzles! It’s called pathology!

When we think about pathology, we often think it’s all about dead bodies. But that’s only a small part of pathology!

Whilst pathology can be really important to find out what caused someone to die, it’s also used in many other cool ways, like when you’re feeling ill, and you go to see your doctor. Doctors rely on the knowledge, diagnostic skills and advice of pathologists. If your doctor has taken a sample of your wee or blood, the answer is usually provided by a pathologist.

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