Top slime recipes: Check out the science behind how slime is made!

Find out with Sir Sidney McSprocket!

Sir Sidney McSprocket’s been in action capturing facts – all about manufacturing!

Today he’s finding out all about slime!

Slime is made from mixing a number of chemical ingredients. A bit like mixing together ingredients to make a cake!

Commercially, the chemicals are mixed in large stainless steel tanks. Computers instruct hoppers to pour in just the right amounts of each ingredient.

One of the chemicals is a polymer based substance – not unlike the white glue you use at school. Polymer molecules are long chains which will give the slime it’s slippery feel.

A gelling agent goes in too – often something called sodium borate. This will make the slime sticky!

Water is also added to get the slime to just the right consistency.

Other ingredients include fragrance and colour.

To keep everyone safe, preservatives are added to prevent the slime from getting all rotten and germy. The ingredients are then mixed to create the right consistency of slime.

Jars which will hold the slime are loaded onto a conveyor belt that lines them up underneath nozzles which will squirt the right amount of slime into each.

After, a lid is added, and off the jars go to be boxed up.

Of course, you needn’t buy slime from a shop. It’s a very simple recipe – and one you can make at home…

Just add white school glue to some liquid detergent – but get an adult to help. Adults aren’t always big fans of slime where it’s not expected!

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