Learn Polish Words and Phrases: Animals

In this episode, Alex wants to learn the Polish words for her favourite animals...

Learn Polish is a new series on Fun Kids and a brilliant way for kids and beginners to learn the Polish language!

It teaches you some of the most used words and phrases including greetings, directions, music chat, animals, cooking and loads more!

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Here are some useful words and phrases from the episode…

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rabbit = królik

mouse = mysz

reptiles = gady

fish = ryba

What does he eat? = Co on lubi jeść?

cow = krowa

sheep = owca

pig = świnia

vet = weterynarz

Is there a vet nearby? = Czy jest weterynarz w okolicy?

He’s cute! = On / Ona jest słodka!

I love animals = Kocham zwierzęta

My favourite animals are… = Moje ulubione zwierzęta to…

zoo = zoo

farm = gospodarstwo/farma

kitten = kotek

tiger = tygrys

lion = lew

dog = pies

horse = koń

cat = kot

What animals do you like? = Jakie zwierzęta lubisz?

bear = niedźwiedź

crocodile = krokodyl

monkey = małpa

bird = ptak

deer = jeleń

elephant = słoń

frog = żaba

giraffe = żyrafa

goat = koza

hamster = chomik

hedgehog = jeż

kangaroo = kangur

lamb = owieczka

parrot = papuga

pony = kucyk

rat = szczur

squirrel = wiewiórka

toad = ropucha

whale = wieloryb

wolf = wilk

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