Learn Polish with Fun Kids

We've got a guide to help you out!

Speaking another language is one of the coolest skills to have and as Polish is the second most spoken language in the UK, it’s great to know a bit of it!

To help you out we’ve created this brand new kids’ guide to help you Learn Polish!

Learn some of the most used words and phrases including greetings, directions, animals and loads more!

So whether you want to say good morning – dzień dobry – or ask for a tasty pastry – drożdżówka – you’ll be able to hear exactly how it should be pronounced!

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Learn Polish with this easy-to-follow guide from Fun Kids!

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Learn Polish: Kids & Beginner's Guide for How to Speak Polish

Learn how to say useful words and phrases in Polish with this podcast for kids and beginners.


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Learn Polish with support from the Polish Cultural Institute London.

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