Dangers of silt pond and quicksand in quarries!

Quarries might look harmless but to stay safe, stay out!

CrowYou alright mate? Charlie Crow here!

Now I see all sorts as I fly about and one thing that really ruffles my feathers is seeing kids playing in quarries. It’s so dangerous! DON’T DO IT!

Some of the things you see in quarries look kind of familiar. Silt ponds are big wet sandy areas that look a bit like the beach when the tide’s out. You might think “Cool! Let’s build some sandcastles”. Listen up – THAT WOULD BE THE WORST IDEA EVER!

Silt ponds are deeper than you think. Sometimes dry crusts may form on the surface so they seem solid, but don’t be fooled – you could suddenly begin to sink and let me tell you this stuff is like QUICKSAND!

If you wanna play on a beach, well FIND a beach! There are plenty of safe places to play – ask a grown up for some ideas.

The signs and fences at quarries are there for a reason – to warn you of the dangers and keep you out. Tell your friends about the dangers too – you may save a life.

So, Stay Safe – Stay OUT of Quarries!

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