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Quarries might look harmless but to stay safe, stay out!

Quarries are really important places. They provide us with many different materials that are used in our everyday lives – like rocks, sand and gravel for building our houses, schools and roads!

The crushed rock from quarries is even used in our toothpaste! Quarries can be very dangerous though, the people who work in quarries have special equipment and know-how to keep themselves safe.

Play this game and see if you can spot quarry dangers!

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Screen Shot 2015-07-24 at 10.43.47In order to get building materials from quarries, heavy and dangerous equipment is needed. But that is not the only danger to be found in quarries. There are many others. Some are easy to spot but others are hidden.

Quarries are not adventure playgrounds, there are often deep lakes with freezing water and hidden currents. Heaps of sand can suddenly give way and smother people.

Every year, children are injured playing in quarries. Sadly, some are even killed.

So, Stay Safe – Stay OUT of Quarries!

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