Kids’ Guide to Building a Car

How long does it take to build a car?

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That’s a tricky one to answer! So, we spoke to Techno Mum’s friend Chris Bellamy. He’s an award-winning engineer from Jaguar Land Rover who said…

“Well, cars start off all around the world. They start with aluminium which comes out of the ground and then gets refined down to the aluminium and then onto our production line.

Parts come flying in from all over the world and they’re all synchronised on lorries and lorries come flying in every minute with lots of different pieces on. Then they go down the production line and we piece the bits together.

And really it takes probably a couple of hours for a car to get from one end of the production line to the other end of the production line. So that’s how long it takes to make the car. But designing the car in the first place takes almost seven years for us to start from the idea – the little sketch on a piece of paper – and then end up with the final car that comes off the production line. So seven years or two hours depending on hour you want to look at it.”

So in terms of actually building your car, it’s just a matter of hours. But in reality, engineers have been working on your car for years!

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