Seeing Clearly

How do glasses work?


glassesIf you wear glasses or contact lenses, you’ll know they help you see more clearly – but how exactly do they do it?

There’s a lens at the front of your eye which bends the light from all the things we are looking at and directs it inside your eye.  If your eyes are working as they should, that light is directed onto the retina – that’s a spot at the back of your eye.

From the retina, the image goes to your brain.

The trouble for quite a lot of people is that those bent images don’t end up exactly on the retina – they may be a little or a long way off – and that’s why things can look blurry.

Glasses and contact lenses help your eyes out by bending the light to the correct amount. Like all great technology solutions, it’s a very simple idea but one that makes a massive difference to our lives.

If lots of people in your family wear glasses, can you tell from looking whose eyesight needs the most help?


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