Wave Magic

The magic of radiowaves


wave-powerYou know there are waves in the ocean, but did you know there are waves everywhere around us? They’re part of the electromagnetic spectrum.

These waves are made when electricity and magnetism combine.  They have different lengths – or wavelengths and most of them are invisible to our eyes but you can see the work they do.

At the bottom of the spectrum the longest wavelengths are Radio waves, which carry radio sounds and television pictures.

Next come Microwaves which we use to cook food.

And then Infrared waves used in television remote controls.

In the middle of the spectrum, waves are visible light which gives us the different colours we can see. Each of which is light travelling to our eyes at a slightly different wave length.

After visible light, there’s ultra-violet light, which is what can give us a sun tan, or if you’re not careful, sunburn!

And near the top of the spectrum are X Rays which help doctors see inside our bodies.

Every colour has a different wavelength.  How many wavelengths do you think your eyes can see right now?

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