What’s the technology behind Santa’s sleigh?

Santamory has the answer!

santamory2Hello, Santamory here! You know, the one in charge of all the science and technology here at the North Pole.

Would you like to know a few more secrets about Santa’s sleigh? I thought as much! Now it might look rather old fashioned on the outside – but I can tell you, Santa’s sleigh is state-of-the-art on the inside. It’s a marvel in engineering.

The sleigh’s dashboard is dominated by Santa’s own GPS navigator – the elves map out millions of destinations before Christmas Eve, just to make sure Santa doesn’t miss anyone.

Along with maps, the super advanced navigation system has information about who should have what, placed so that the navigation system can calculate the most efficient route. The sleigh is equipped with state of the art electronics, including laser sensors that can detect upcoming thermals and wind conditions to find the optimal path.

The navigator also has a built-in Naughty-or-Nice sensor that keeps Santa updated on children’s activities. This is important, as even the most minor of naughty deeds committed within the last few hours of Christmas Eve can determine whether or not a child receives a shiny lump of coal instead of a nice present.

Sleighs use a number of very technologically advanced systems to take flight – but what if the Stardust Antimatter Propulsion Unit malfunctions? Enter plan B: reindeer, the original engines behind the sleigh.

What I can tell you about these majestic creatures – aside from their steady diet of carrots. Well, a sizeable team of reindeers are needed to lift Santa’s sleigh. So let’s just say there are a few more reindeers involved in pulling the sleigh than you might have heard about.

And if an extra burst of lift is needed, the hot cocoa maker in the dashboard can fill a supplementary hot air balloon, giving the reindeer an extra lift for optimal flying conditions.

Of course a comfortably large stable is needed for all the reindeer that we have. As well as a place to sleep, it doubles up as a gym with flight simulators, treadmills and steering practice platforms. Specially trained elves are on on-site to take care of the reindeer and guide them through their training exercises. All so all the good children get their presents on Christmas Night! Now don’t forget that Nice or Naughty sensor I mentioned! Tee hee!

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