Why do houses flood? Building on floodplains, natural flood defences, and how to protect your home!

Most floodplains are okay to build on...

If you turn on the news winter you’re almost guaranteed to see something about flooding! In recent years, thousands of houses have been affected by flooding, which is when water gets somewhere it normally shouldn’t be.

You might see pictures of people being carried down streets, knee-deep in water, in little boats.

Or you might hear about sandbags, piled up against doors to try and stop water coming in.

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Flooding is a serious issue in the UK because some houses are built on things called flood planes. They’re flat areas of land near rivers or streams.

After heavy rainfall, those fields may be underwater for weeks at a time.

On some flood plains, the risk is fairly low. People who live there need to be prepared for floods but flooding might not actually happen whilst they’re living there.

Nowadays we are lucky to understand more about how the climate affects our living spaces, how changes can lead to more rainfall, and how that might literally change the landscape.

Some places where people live today might not be places where they can live in the future. But planning is all about solving problems. Flood plains can be managed – vegetation can be planted to make barriers. And houses can be built on stilts to be above the water level or even on floats so rise and fall with the water.

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