Eating Pancakes and Designing Rollercoasters

Here are your activities for today!

Let’s see what activities we have in store for you today…

1. Make a newspaper

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Writing a newspaper story is loads of fun!

You can write it about stories from your family and friends or you could just make the stories up! #fakenews

We like to take news stories we hear out and about and write them up as newspaper articles.

If you need some stories to write about then listen to our weekly news podcast, The Week Junior Show Podcast, below. Pick a story or two you like the sound of and get writing!

2. Learn about robot’s of the future

We’ve been learning all about Mars this week by watching Deep Space High: Destination Mars.

In this episode we’re going to find out about all sorts of cool things that could happen in the future of Mars and space exploration.

Check out the video here…

3. Make pancakes

Who doesn’t love pancakes?

They are the perfect treat when you want to have something that is both delicious and fun to make!

Just make sure you have a parent to help you with this one.

There are loads of pancake recipes out there you could use, but if you want to see the one we use then click here…

4. Find out about antibiotics

Have you heard of antibiotics?

Maybe so, but do you know what they actually do in your body (and make you better is not a good enough answer!).

They are actually one of our best medicines and they are pretty amazing.

Click here to see our top 10 facts about them and see if you can find out what they actually do inside your body…

5. Design a rollercoaster

Who doesn’t love getting thrown around at 100 miles per hour in the seat of a rollercoaster!?

They can be really fun and exhilarating!

Most of us can’t ride any rollercoasters at the moment (unless you live at Alton Towers) but we can have a go at designing our own.

We want you to get your pencils out and create your own rollercoaster!

How many loops will it have?

Will it be fast or slow?

Will there be water involved?

Anything goes! So get creative.

If you need a little inspiration though, check out these…

Lets recap what those 5 things were for today…

  1. Make a newspaper
  2. Learn about robot’s of the future
  3. Make pancakes
  4. Find out about antibiotics
  5. Design a rollercoaster

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