Predicting the Weather, the Tower of London, and Rice Krispie cakes

Your daily tasks for Monday, 11th January 2021

Looking for something to do today?

See if you can complete all 5 things on the Activity Quest Daily!

Make sure you try and complete them all today though – we’ll have a brand new list tomorrow.

1. Find out how we predict the weather

In the most recent episode of The Fun Kids Science Weekly Dan is talking to weather presenter Judith Ralston about everything to do with the weather and how we predict it.

We want you to listen to that episode and tell us how the weather people predict the weather so that they can give us all the weather forecast every week.

After you’ve listened to the episode, let us know how we predict the weather by filling out the box at the bottom of the page.

MOBILE: Fun Kids Science Weekly

The science podcast for kids with Dan exploring the weirdest and coolest stuff in science!

2. How did John Gerard escape the Tower of London?

John Gerard was a famous prisoner in The Tower of London who managed to escape!

He was locked up because of his religion; he was Catholic and that was illegal at the time.

What this video all about his time at the Tower of London to find out how he escaped and let us know the answer at the bottom of the page!

3. Make some sweet treats!

Loads of you got your inner chef on last year and Iโ€™m asking you to bring it back out.

Why not try making some Rice Krispie cakes?

They’re so easy to make with an adult, they only take 10 minutes and they taste amazing!

Don’t know how to make them?

Click here to see the Fun Kids recipe…

Of course, if you don’t want to make Rice Krispie cakes then feel free to make anything you want!

When you’ve made your treats make sure to show us what you made by uploading a picture in the form below.

4. Tell us what you’ve learnt today

This one’s tricky because we’re not going to tell you where to find the answer… there is no right answer here!

Your teacher has probably set you some work to do, what have you been learning about?

Tell us one thing you learnt today that you didn’t know already!

5. What sport do they play in the film ‘Early Man’?

You’ve done a lot today so I think it’s time for a break.

Why don’t we finish the Activity Quest Daily with a film that the whole family can enjoy?

Early Man is all about a group of people who lived in the Stone Age who have to play a sport in order to defend their land!

You can figure out the answer by watching the trailer for the film here…

An amazing thing about this film is that it’s all made using stop-motion animation.

That means that they made the film using just pictures. They would take a picture of the models, move them just a tiny bit, then take another photo and do that to make an entire film!

If you want to watch the whole film then you can click here to watch it on BBC iPlayer…

Once you’ve found the answer don’t forget to let us know in the form below!

Tell us how you did here!

We’ll be taking some of your answers and giving you shout-outs on-air and in the Activity Quest podcast.

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