Sea shanty silliness on Activity Quest!

Here are your tasks for today...

Yo ho me hearties and happy friday to ye!

You may have heard but we’re all about the sea shanties on Fun Kids at the moment.

In fact this weekend our radio station, Fun Kids Silly, is going to be playing nothing but Sea Shanties non-stop!

In honour of this swashbuckling occasion all the activities today are pirate themed…

So swab the decks, haul up the mainsail and get ready for today’s activities!

Make a pirate’s hat

The first thing you’ll need for you pirate day is a pirates hat.

Lucky for us they are super easy to make out of paper so thats what we’re doing for our first activity today.

Come up with a pirate name

Second activity of the day, you’ll need to come up with your pirate name.

Just make sure it sounds good in a thick pirate-y accent. ARRH!

Design a pirate flag

Third thing for today is to design a pirate flag.

Draw you’re design on a piece of paper and make sure it’s as pirate-y as you can get it.

Maybe you’ll do the classic skull and crossbones? Or maybe you’ll go for something altogether new!

It’s up to you, but show us what you make!

Listen to Fun Kids Silly

The fourth thing for you today is to make sure you listen to Fun Kids Silly this weekend!

Remember, Fun Kids Silly is playing nothing but sea shanties all weekend, so that’s where you’ll want to be to maximise your swashbuckling levels over the weekend.

Why not have a pirate party while you listen? Just make sure you bring your pirate hat and flag with you!

Fun Kids Silly is one of eight new channels we’ve launched, these include Fun Kids SoundtracksFun Kids AnimalsFun Kids Pop HitsFun Kids PartyFun Kids ClassicsFun Kids Naps and Fun Kids Classical.

Each one is available to listen to on the Fun Kids App, via the Fun Kids radio player as well as being available on the Amazon Kids+ service on Amazon Fire tablets!

You can even listen on Alexa, just activate the skill and then ask Alexa to Play Fun Kids Silly”

Click here to activate the Alexa Skill

Learn and sing a sea shanty

And finally, I want you to learn and sing a sea shanty yourself!

There are loads out there you could do, or better yet, you could write your own Sea Shanty!

Once you’ve got your Sea Shanty, why not get your family in to help you sing it! They sound better when more people are involved!

Whatever you do, make sure you film it so you can share it with your friends and family!

Now lets recap the 5 activities for today me maties…

  1. Make a pirates hat
  2. Come up with your pirate name
  3. Design your pirate flag
  4. Make sure you listen to Fun Kids Silly this weekend
  5. Perform a Sea Shanty
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