Check out the second Rory Branagan book, The Dog Squad, out now!

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If you loved the first Rory Branagan book then we have some really exciting news!

There’s another one out today!Β It’s called The Dog SquadΒ and in it Rory uncovers a crime right where he lives! Some flip-flaps are stealing dogs!

It’s up to Rory and his cunning accomplice Cassidy to work out who they are and stop them.

Rory loves all dogs, but the dog he loves best by about a million miles is Wilkins Welkin and he is in DANGER!

Rory and Cassidy are soon off on another adventure, this time involving dogs, cats, a wheelie bin chariot, a brave and daring rescue, and Mrs Welkin, who fights crime in quite a surprising way.

(Just you wait! Just you wait!)

Click here to get The Dog Squad!

There are seven books in the series and The Dog Squad is the second.

Make sure you go and read the first and keep an eye on the Fun Kids website to see when the next one comes out!

Click here to find out more about the first book!

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