Meet the characters in David Walliams’ new book, Grandpa’s Great Escape!

David Walliams has a new book out!


It’s about the adventures of a boy called Jack and his Grandpa.
We know lots of you love David Walliams books, so we have some super exciting news for you!

He has a new book out right now, and it’s called Grandpa’s Great Escape!

Jack’s poor Grandpa is locked up in a horrible old folk’s home, Twilight Towers, thanks to the horrible old Matron, Miss Swine, and her gang of burly nurses. To help Grandpa, Jack is planning on a daring Great Escape!

It’s an incredible adventure full with Spitfires, Great Escapes and one amazing grandpa!

To get you ready for Grandpa’s Great Escape, you can meet all the characters from the book right here.

Come and meet the characters!

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