Meet Grandpa!


GrandpaDavid Walliams¬†has a new book out right now, and it’s called¬†Grandpa’s Great Escape!

Jack’s poor Grandpa is locked up in a horrible old folk‚Äôs home, Twilight Towers, and Jack is planning on a daring Great Escape!

Grandpa can’t always remember Jack’s name, but he can still remember how to fly a speeding Spitfire, which is really useful, because Jack and his Grandpa need to take to the skies of London to save the day!

It’s an incredible adventure full with Spitfires, Great Escapes and one amazing grandpa!

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Meet Grandpa

During World War II he was an RAF pilot and flew Spitfires. He can be a bit forgetful these days. Like when he wears slippers to the supermarket, or when he serves up Spam à la Custard for dinner, but he can still fly a speeding Spitfire and save the day!

Come and meet the characters!

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