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Thursday 9  – Thursday 16 October 2014

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The Maze Runner (12A)

Thomas wakes up in a glade surrounded by a huge maze, with no memory of anything, except his own name, and some strange dreams about a mysterious organisation, in this riveting vision of a post-apocalyptic world that is adapted from a young-adult sci-fi series by James Dashner.

Along with a group of other boys, Thomas must adapt to survive being trapped within the maze, joining forces with other “runners” to try and escape past the slug-like Grievers who roam the maze at night, while struggling to recover memories of his past. The boys have begun to give up hope, when a girl, Teresa, arrives, carrying a strange note that sparks a change…

The Maze Runner is also part of the Into Film Festival, with free screenings when booked with your school, youth club or home teachers, in cinemas across the country.

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The Hunger Games (12, 2012), Labyrinth (U, 1986), Alice (PG, 1988), Divergent (12A, 2014)

New on DVD


Mr Peabody & Sherman (U)

The future’s at risk and it’s up to the world’s most extraordinary dog to save the day in this boisterous animated comedy, based on characters from a 1960s TV cartoon show. A scientist, inventor and all-round genius, talking pooch Mr Peabody’s been using his greatest creation – the WABAC time machine – to take his adopted human son, Sherman, on colourful adventures to the past.

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But disaster strikes when Sherman secretly borrows the contraption to impress a mate, accidentally ripping a hole in the universe and altering crucial events in history. With the whole of time consequently threatened, the race is on for Mr Peabody to put things right, resulting in irreverent laughs and some important life lessons.

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