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Monday 29 September – Friday 3 October 2014

New in Cinema


Dolphin Tale 2 (U)

A few years after dolphin Winter was saved by the team at the Clearwater Aquarium by radically giving her a prosthetic tail, she becomes ill again when her surrogate mother dies leaving her alone.

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As dolphins can only survive in pairs and Aquarium regulations state they must have a pool partner, Winter’s friend and trainer Sawyer and the rest of the team at Clearwater are in a race against time to find her a pool mate. This is an inspiring story of hope and friendship both in and out of the water that is remarkably taken from a true story.

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New on DVD


The Wind Rises (PG)

Renowned animator and founder of Studio Ghibli, Hayao Miyazaki’s final film is a whimsical ride through the life of the Japanese aeroplane engineer, Jiro Horikoshi. Beautifully animated with a stirring classical soundtrack the film is a chronicle of Jiro’s life and dreams. From his childhood fantasies to his determined years of study, it culminates in his pioneering designs of the legendary Japanese fighter planes used in WWI and WWII.

Touching on significant moments in Japan’s history such as the Great Kanto earthquake, the Depression and the onset of war, while gently weaving in his romance with his wife, this is an affectionate ode to a Japanese icon.

The Wind Rises is also part of the Into Film Festival, with free screenings when booked with your school, youth club or home teachers, in cinemas across the country.

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Jimmy’s Hall (12)

In 1921 Jimmy Gralton set up a dance hall in his local Irish village, a free community space for people to learn and debate, but also have fun. However the local Catholic Church felt threatened by Jimmy’s beliefs, forcing the hall to close and Jimmy to leave.

Quietly returning a decade later, he soon comes under pressure from residents to reopen the hall and take a stand against growing cultural oppression. A powerful take on how the arts can enrich our lives, legendary director Ken Loach produces a stark warning on the dangers of repression, both individually and collectively.

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Kes (PG, 1969), Philomena (12, 2013)

Still from the Postman Pat movie

Postman Pat (U)

This is the first big screen adventure for Britain’s favourite postman and his black-and-white cat. Living a peaceful life with Jess and his family in Greendale, Pat auditions for a national singing contest to try and win enough money to take them on a dream holiday to Italy.

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Meanwhile, Pat’s employers are hatching nasty plans to replace him with an army of (slightly scary) mechanised robot clones, in order to save money. Combining catchy musical numbers with themes of community spirit, loyalty, and staying true to yourself, fans of the original as well as newcomers will find much to enjoy in this funny animation.

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