Into Film members review Mr Peabody & Sherman!


Mr Peabody and Sherman lands on DVD this week and the time travelling adventures of talking dog scientist Mr Peabody and his pet human Sherman are up for review this week by Into Film members!

Check out what they had to say…

Brooke, age 11, said: “I thought mr pea body and sherman was very funny and it was a very misterious and very nerv bracing.”

Ishe, age 8, said: “This movie was very funny! It is about the smartest dog in the universe and his adopted son, Sherman. When the social services hear that Sherman has got in a fight, they are forced to remove Sherman from Mr Peabody’s life. But things go awry when the time machine adventure causes so much mayhem that they rip a hole in the space time continuum.”

Wan Min, age 11, said: “It made me make my imagination go really far. It was like I was in their world! All the time machines, meeting Leonardo Da Vinci. REALLY GOOD FILM SUGGEST YOU TO WATCH.”

Eunique, age 10, said: “Classic movie, love to maybe make my own invention when I’m older. It’s about a dog who adopted a young boy named Sherman and Sherman hits a girl and she goes to there house for dinner but they go in the time machine and they have to find there way back.”

Raphaella, age 9, said: “Such a good film! Going back in time is fun and dangerous, but it’s even more fun with Mr Peabody and Sherman!!!”

Sophia, age 9, said: “I love this film it is funny and good to laugh at. I rate it five stars.”

Ray, age 10, said: “Mr Peabody and Sherman was brilliant. It was full to the brim with comedy and lots of true facts as well. I love it and I would definitely recommend it to family.”

Sean, age 7, said: “Fantastic this was the best film I have seen this year.”

Odhran, age 11, said: “Amazing movie! This brilliant movie follows the adventures of a dog genius, Mr Peabody and his adopted son Sherman. Using a time machine, they learn things no-one else would know. It was fun, until the Petersons arrived!”

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