Deep Space High: Kids Guide to Space

Learn all about space - from solar systems to the Sun!

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Science Jobs in Space!

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Deep Space High: Space For All

Did you know they there’s a job in space exploration no matter what you love to do?!

Whether it’s math, sport or cooking, there’s going to be a career in space exploration that you could be working in when you’re older.

In ‘Deep Space High: Space For All’ Principle Pulsar, Sam, Quark and the whole Deep Space High classroom are learning all about all the different careers you could have in space.

Science in Space

Science and experimenting is a HUGE part of space exploration! Lots of different types of scientists are involved in the process.

If you want to be a scientist when you grow up then there’s probably a job in space for you!

What are some of the scientists that work in space travel?


This is the most obvious type of scientist that works on all things to do with space.

They study Astrophysics, which is the study of all objects that are in the universe like Galaxies, Stars and Black Holes. They study what these things are, there history and how they were formed.

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Astrochemistry is a relatively recent area of specialisation compared to astrophysics.

There aren’t very many atoms and molecules in space and their temperatures are usually very low. This low temperature means that they don’t move very much which means that they don’t bump into each other much which means that they don’t do many chemical reactions in space.

This doesn’t mean that no chemical reactions happen in space though! They still happen, they are just not very common.

Space chemists focus on finding out about the atoms, molecules, elements and chemical reactions that happen in space.

A good example of the sort of chemicals these scientists might investigate in space is those that they find between the stars. We can see loads of stars, the moon and the sun when we look at the sky, but there is loads of space in between them all. There is often clouds of gas and dust particles in these spaces where lots of interesting chemical reactions happen for the scientists to study.

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Deep Space High: Kids Guide to Space

Learn all about space - from solar systems to the Sun!

More From Deep Space High: Kids Guide to Space