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Learn all about space - from solar systems to the Sun!

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Writing Jobs in Space!

Click here to hear all about the jobs you can get in space exploration if you love writing and english...

Deep Space High: Space For All

Did you know they there’s a job in space exploration no matter what you love to do?!

Whether it’s math, sport or cooking, there’s going to be a career in space exploration that you could be working in when you’re older.

In ‘Deep Space High: Space For All’ Principle Pulsar, Sam, Quark and the whole Deep Space High classroom are learning all about all the different careers you could have in space.

If you love English at school, then you could have a great career in space exploration!

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It’s true.

It takes loads and loads of people for all those space missions to be a success and some of those peoples jobs require them to be good at writing and telling amazing stories!

What sort of job is there in space for an English lover like me?

One of the biggest jobs is being a ‘Science Communicator’. They are responsible for telling the public all about what’s going on in space exploration and get everyone excited about what the astronauts have found!

They communicate with people in loads of different ways. Some of the ways include via science exhibitions, journalism and media productions.

Lots of scientists in space exploration also participate in science communication alongside their research. So as a ‘Science Communicator’ you get to hear about all sorts of exciting new discoveries and help tell the world about them!

Do Science Communicators ever tell kids about Space Exploration?

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A lot of them focus on getting school children and young people interested in current scientific research.

They often do this through school visits and workshops where science communicators visit schools to deliver talks and demonstrations of current research in a way that makes it relevant and interesting.

What skills do I need to be a Science Communicator?

  • Adaptability- science communicators need to be able to deliver their information to a huge range of ages and knowledge base at an appropriate level.
  • Knowledge and passion for science
  • Creativity
  • Love English
  • Ability to communicate complex ideas in an engaging and accessible way

If all this sounds like you then you could be a Science Communicator when you’re older!

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Deep Space High: Kids Guide to Space

Learn all about space - from solar systems to the Sun!

More From Deep Space High: Kids Guide to Space