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Top 10 Facts About Space Shuttles!

Do you want to know about space shuttles? Well you've come to the right place! Check out these 10 facts about space shuttles...

Space Shuttles are some of the most iconic spacecraft ever created. They have been used to launch satellites into space, deliver supplies to the International Space Station, and conduct scientific experiments. We’re exploring some of the most interesting facts about Space Shuttles. From their design and construction, to their incredible accomplishments, we will discover some of the most amazing facts about these amazing spacecrafts.

1. The space shuttle was the first reusable spacecraft.

The space shuttle was the first ever reusable spacecraft.

This means they could be launched again and again.

Space rockets aren’t reusable, so they only have a one time use!

2. It was first launched in 1981!

Space shuttles were first launched in 1981.

The shuttle was called Columbia.

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3. In 2011 the space shuttle was retired by NASA.

That’s right! The space shuttles were retired by NASA in 2011.

The last ever landing was the space shuttle called Atlantis on July 21st, 2011.

It landed at the Kennedy Space Centre in Florida!

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4. NASA has launched a total of 6 space shuttles.

There wasn’t just one space shuttle. There were lots!

The space shuttles were called Enterprise, Columbia, Challenger, Discovery, Atlantis, and Endeavour.

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5. Space shuttles take off like a rocket and land like a plane!

Space shuttles would take off like a rocket, so they could get into space quickly.

When they were coming back down to Earth, they glided and landed like a plane on a runway.

This was really helpful as it meant they could be used again and again!

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6. There were a total of 135 missions.

In the 30 years that space shuttles were in action, they managed to do 135 missions!

During those missions, the International Space Station was constructed.

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7. The space shuttle could carry up to 8 astronauts at a time!

The space shuttle could carry up to 8 astronauts at a time.

They would never be short of company!

Each astronaut would take part in scientific experiments, release and capture satellites and even help to build the International Space Station!

8. 355 astronauts flew on the space shuttles!

A total of 355 astronauts flew on the space shuttles.

Some astronauts even managed to go into space more than once!

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9. The space shuttle was made of 3 parts.

The first part was called the orbiter. This is where the crew would live and do their work.

It would also carry things into space!

The second part was an external tank.

This would be full of fuel and was attached to the orbiter to help launch it.

The third part was the boosters.

This provided the thrust and power in the first two minutes of launching!

10. The space shuttles are now in museums!

As the space shuttles have now retired, you can still see some of them in museums.

They are located across America!

However, you can take a look at some below.

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