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Top 10 Facts About St George’s Day!

Do you want to learn about St George's Day? Well you've come to the right place! Check out these 10 facts about St George's Day...

23rd April is a day of celebration in England, as it marks St George’s Day. St George is the patron saint of England and it is believed that he was a soldier in the Roman army who died a martyr’s death for his faith in 303 AD. We will be exploring the top 10 facts about St George’s Day. We will learn about the history of St George, the traditional celebrations associated with the day, and the many symbols of England that are associated with St George’s Day. So, let’s get started and explore the top 10 facts about St George’s Day!

1. St George’s Day is on 23rd April every year.

St George’s Day falls on 23rd April every year.

This is the date when Saint George died.

It is believed he died on 23rd April in the year 303 AD.

2. He was born in a place called Cappadocia.

That’s right.

Even though he is the patron saint of England, he wasn’t actually born here.

He was born in a place called Cappadocia.

In the modern day, that would be in Turkey!

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3. Saint George is the patron saint of lots of things!

St George isn’t just the Patron Saint of England!

He is the Patron Saint of farmers, soldiers, archers and even… scouts!

The scouts and guides often take part in a parade on St George’s Day because of this.

4. He is most famous for slaying a dragon.

Legend has it that George slayed a dragon.

The story says that he rode into a place called Silene and saved the city from the scary dragon.

He also saved a Princess!

Sadly this story was actually made up.

It is believed that it was made up after George even existed!

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5. Saint George was a Roman soldier!

Historians believe that George was never a knight in shining armour…

They believe he was a Roman soldier!

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6. Some people eat traditional English food to celebrate!

On St George’s Day, a lot of people celebrate with a nice, traditional English meal.

Some of the most traditional meals are fish and chips, shepherd’s pie, roast dinner or afternoon tea!

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7. We share Saint George with other countries!

Did you know that England isn’t the only place to celebrate Saint George?

Venice, Portugal, Catalonia, Genoa, Ethiopia and other countries have him as their patron saint too!

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8. Saint George was born around AD 280.

It is believed that George was born around 280 AD.

He was sadly executed due to his religious beliefs in 303 AD on 23rd April.

9. St George’s Day is often celebrated with very English traditions.

Although St George’s Day isn’t celebrated heavily any more, there are some very British activities that happen during St George’s Day.

These activities range from Morris Dancing to even watching a puppet show!

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10. Saint George’s emblem is the red cross with a white background.

Around St George’s Day, you might see a white flag with a red cross.

This is St George’s emblem and also the flag of England.

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