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Asturias in Spain

The Asturias region of Spain


Here’s the script for this episode of Where in the World: Spain all about the Asturias region of Spain.

Hola! ¿Cómo te va todo? That means “Hello, how are you?” in Spanish! As you might have therefore guessed, I’m in Spain with another crazy riddle for you to solve.

And it looks like it’s all about Asturias – that’s a very interesting region of Spain. Have a listen – what do YOU think it could be about?

A quest for creatures large and small? Which is the biggest one of all?

Well, if you like animals, we’re certainly in the right place! Asturias is located on the northern coast of Spain and is packed with national parks full of animals – from woodpeckers and deer to otters. That’s not all! The woods around here are home to legends of weird and wonderful beings. Maybe you can help chase the goblins!

But the riddle wants us to find the biggest creature of all! I don’t think a goblin’s gonna fit the bill but… how about a bear?

Let’s start our search in a village called Proaza in Asturias; it has something pretty special called the Bear Trail.
You can follow the trail on foot or bike. The real fun starts at midday when Paca and Tola, they’re the bears, head down to eat their lunch of fruit salad!

So are bears big enough to answer the riddle?

Hmmm… Maybe we need to get wet.

There are lots of places to discover sealife in Asturius. Don’t miss the Gijón Aquarium where you can go on a journey to the world’s different seas and oceans. Take a close look at how the cute otters swim and sleep next to the shark tank!

But we need a particularly big catch to answer the riddle, so we’ve come to the town of Luarca where you can find a themed workshop with some very special guests – Squid! These sea creatures can reach 20 metres in length. That’s longer than a bus! Now, are these the animals we’re looking for?

What?… Bigger than a bus is not big enough? Blimey! Well there’s only one animal that’s gonna fit the bill…

Sounds like it’s gonna have to be a dinosaur! If you’re a dino lover, you HAVE to check out the Asturias Jurassic Museum in Colunga. It’s especially cool because the museum is laid out in the shape of a dinosaur print, with 20 replicas to look at. And if this isn’t enough dinosaur action, then you could explore the Dinosaur Routes in Ribadesella, Colunga and Villaviciosa.

Ancient history lovers should definitely check out the Prehistory Park in Teverga. You can see some artefacts from the Bronze Age and explore the interconnected cave with replicas of some of the oldest paintings.

So the riddle said: “A quest for creatures large and small? Which is the biggest one of all?” I am feeling pretty confident that the Dinosaurs in Asturias are the answer we have been looking for, am I right?

Brilliant! We’ve solved the riddle! See you next time!

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Where in the World? Spain!

Find out all about Spain

More From Where in the World? Spain!