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Here’s the script for this episode of Where in the World: Spain all about the legends of Spain.

Hola! ¿Cómo te va todo? That means “Hello, how are you?” in Spanish! As you might have therefore guessed, I’m in Spain with another crazy riddle for you to solve.

And it looks like it’s all about the legends from this beautiful country. Have a look – what do YOU think it could be about?

Courage and a loving heart, which time will never tear apart.

El Cid Campeador was the name given to a general in the army called Rodrigo Diaz Vivar. Once a loyal servant of the monarch, El Cid was later forced into exile, where he formed his own army. King Alphonso soon realised he needed El Cid’s help when he became threatened and El Cid agreed to help.

His army stormed Valencia and El Cid then governed the city up until his death in 1099. Certainly a heroic figure with a very courageous heart! So does he answer the riddle?

Well perhaps we need to look at the Legend of the Lady of Arintero.

In fifteen century Spain, the monarch decreed that each family must send a man to fight in a war against the Portugese army. A nobleman became very sad because he was too old to fight and had no sons to take his place. On seeing her father so distressed Juana, the fourth of his 7 daughters, decided to cut her hair and dress as a man in order to fight. So it was that after 2 months of training, dressed in armour and on horseback, Juana Garcia de Arintero set off to fight against the Portuguese.

In the midst of battle, Juana clashed lances with a Portuguese knight. During the fight her true identity was revealed. The other Spanish knights were stunned to find that the heroic warrior fighting alongside them was in fact a woman. The Lady of Antiero was presented to King Ferdinand II and she was rewarded for bravery. Might she be the courageous heart in our riddle?

No? Gosh this one’s a real puzzler! I’ve got one more legend from Spain that might just fit the bill…

This is the story of The Lovers of Teruel. Isabel Segura and Diego Marcilla grew up together and fell in love. Isabel’s family were very wealthy and didn’t want her to marry Diego, who was poor. So the young Diego enlisted in the Christian army vowing to return when he’d made his fortune. Diego became a very brave and successful warrior but Isabel was forced to marry someone else. When Diego heard the news he rushed back – but he was too late. He died of a broken heart and when Isabel found him, she died of a broken heart too!

What a sad story! Our riddle said, “Courage and a loving heart, which time will never tear apart” and this legend has it all, brave warriors, and a tragic love story! Is The Lovers of Teruel the answer we’re looking for?

Brilliant! We’ve solved the riddle! See you next time!

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Where in the World? Spain!

Find out all about Spain

More From Where in the World? Spain!