Liz Pichon on Fun Kids!

The Tom Gates author and illustrator chatted to Anna-Louise!

Liz Pichon, author and illustrator of the Tom Gates series spoke to Anna-Louise about her involvement in a brand new Bayeux Tapestry!

The Bayeux Tapestry was originally created WAY back in 1066 to depict the Battle of Hastings and the Norman conquest of England.

That means it’s nearly a thousand years old!

So Liz and the English Heritage have been working together to put a modern spin on the tapestry…

They’re celebrating the top 10 moments in history, as voted for by kids and Anna-Louise wanted to find out more!

Liz talks all about her inspiration for the artwork and the kind of historical events it features.

Click play above to hear their chat!

You can catch Anna-Louise every weekday from 10 all summer long!

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