Anna Louise’s Mini Farm update!

It's been busy busy busy!

Hey, it’s time for an update on my mini farm!

Last time on my blog I talked all about how busy we’d been during lambing season.

Check out the blog here!

So now the lambs have settled in, I thought it might be a good idea to introduce you to them with a few pics!

Here’s one of the triplets, now out in the field with the other lambs, and look how much he’s grown!


This is a photo of the triplets in my garden back in April…


Meet Dorro!

FK 3

He’s 2 weeks old and has been having problems feeding from his Mum. He’s weak, so we had to carry him out of the pouring rain and into the house! As I type this, he’s currently sleeping in a box in my living room after having some milk from a bottle.


He’s lovely and warm now, snuggled in a box with a thick blanket. Later on this evening, we’ll be moving him into a large dog crate filled with blankets, pillows and fleeces so that he has more space – and so my dogs don’t disturb him! He loves the dogs – but they aren’t so sure of him..

We’re hoping that after a few days in our warm house with bottled milk, safe from the wind and rain, he’ll get stronger and we’ll be able to take him back to his mum in the field. For now though, he’s getting some much needed rest and care…

FK 5

Here our some of my lambs ‘gamboling’!

Gamboling is the word to describe the way lambs move – their hopping, skipping and jumping.

The best time to watch them is in the evenings, when they get all their friends together and play. It’s amazing to watch them jump 3 feet in the air! Their skip and hop is just like a cartoon character – so funny to watch. 


How cute is Dolly’s lamb? Dolly is a miniature breed of sheep, so her lambs are even smaller than usual. This year’s lamb is bright white! (and so cute).

FK 6

Do you think I can teach my miniature horses to dance? I’ve been inspired by some horse displays that I’ve seen out & about recently.

The horses were jumping, standing up on their back legs, bowing and side-stepping. I’ve made this my challenge for the summer, let’s see if I can do it. Here’s one of my miniature horses….FK 8


The mini horses are selfie trained! They know how to pout & pose for the perfect angle!


Here’s Bertrum, one of our rams. Have you seen a ram before? A ram is a male sheep. He’s built himself a den in the field! He’s done this by chewing and eating all the brambles back & sheltering underneath. Now he has his own homemade cave to sleep and rest in!


Here’s Banjo, our chihuahua. He suffers with arthritis so he can’t go on long walks like the other dogs. He walks with us over the fields, then when he gets too tired or it all gets too much, he travels in his backpack! How cool does he look?! 


This is our new addition ‘Guthby’ – our bantam cockerel chick. The girls are being really shy, so he’s still getting to know the crew!


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