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We went behind the scenes to get the latest goss from Best Friends Whenever!

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What’s the story?

Lauren: “Best Friends Whenever is a Disney Channel show about two teenage best friends, Shelby and Cyd, and the fun adventures that happen after the two girls discover they can time travel!”


A dog’s life…

Landry: “In the show, you get to meet a dog named Diesel – but in real life his name is Benny. Benny is a Chinese crested dog, and he’s adorable. He’s awesome to have as a co-star!”


Watch and learn…

Landry: “Everyone in the cast gets along really well. We all hang out outside of work and we’ll watch episodes together. It’s super fun! We see each other Monday through Friday, for nine hours a day, so you’d think we might get bored of each other – but we don’t. It’s weird, but we all hang out on the weekends, too.”


You smile, I smile…

Gus: “Life on set is amazing – we’re like this great little family where everyone looks out for each other. Everyone does little things to make each other smile, which is really cool. It’s such a pleasure to be able to go and work with some of the coolest people in the world every day!”


Hidden secrets…

Landry: “Right before we shoot a scene, everyone will be looking over their scripts. But as soon as they are ready to shoot, we have to hide the scripts quickly – and they can end up anywhere! We throw them in the corner or hide them in drawers!”


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