Check out Hampton Court Palace this summer!

There's loads for the family to see and do!

Hampton Court Palace have got a pretty special summer planned…

There is LOADS for the whole family to enjoy.

Gnomes Unearthed is an adventure around the beautiful palace gardens! Can you spot all of the magical talking gnomes?

Head to the Tudor Kitchens and meet characters from the past and watch historical cooking!

Built to feed the Tudor court of Henry VIII, the kitchens were expected to provide meals for 600 people twice a day.

This summer its sights, sounds and smells have been brought to life by their team of historic cookery experts!

Of course,Β it wouldn’t be a trip to Hampton Court Palace without getting lost in the world-famous Maze!

Hampton Court Palace,Photographer: Vivian Russell,The Maze, looking east

Explore the exciting new interactive play garden for families.

The Magic Garden is populated by mysterious mythical beasts, with battlements to storm, towers to besiege and a smoke-breathing dragon!

Download a Digital Mission on to your device and become a Time Explorer on an interactive adventure around the palace. Help prepare a feast for Henry VIII or become a spy in his royal court.

Check out the Digital Missions here!

Watch an introduction to The Magic Garden below…

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