How Embarrassing? With Girl Talk Magazine

Holiday howlers special!


Pond Pickle

I was throwing stones into a pond but forgot to let go of one stone and threw myself in and ruined my top – oops!



Wasp Worry

I was in Greece, out at a restaurant with my family, when all of a sudden a wasp landed on my arm. It didnโ€™t sting me, but I let out a loud scream like a toddler and everyone looked at me. Cringe-fest!



Silly Splash

I was putting on my clogs, but lost my balance and fell into the water with my towel – total disaster!




Tight Fit

I sat in a baby swing just for the fun of it, but when I wanted to get out, I was stuck and I had to shout out for my mum. Embarrassing!

Anakin Starwars

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