GIRL TALK MAG: Meghan’s fave things!

From fab fans to fast food, Meghan reveals what she loves!


American Football

When Meghan was at school she was on the American football team and she was the only girl!

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon - Season 2

Playing Instruments

She can play the guitar, piano, trumpet and ukulele! Megha-talented!


Her cats

“They’re called Kody and Mittens. Mittens has extra thumbs, so it looks like he’s wearing mittens! I miss them when I travel.”



“I went there once with my family. There were black sand beaches and we went whale watching!”


Writing songs

“I’d love to write a song with Adele – whether anyone in the world hears it or not, I would love to write a song with her!”



“We always went as a family, that’s why it’s my favourite… With the bumpers up of course!”


Going underwater

“I love snorkelling and scuba diving!”


Her Megatrons

“That’s what my fans are called. Isn’t that hilarious?!”



“I love pizza because it tastes real good! My fave is the pizza my dad makes!


Taylor Swift

“She’s amazing! She’s so smart and so great with her fans! I do a ukulele version of ‘Shake It Off’ on YouTube!”


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