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Toilet Trauma!

β€œAt school, I made my friend laugh and she accidentally peed herself! She started crying because she had a wet patch on her trousers, so to try and cheer her up, I put water on my trousers too. But then it was really embarrassing because everyone thought I’d peed myself!”

Daniela Nieves, WITS Academy


Fashion Fail!

β€œOne day when I was at school, it was really windy outside. All of my friends were chatting to me when suddenly my skirt blew up and everyone saw my knickers! My face went red and everyone burst out laughing. It was sooo embarrassing!”

Lyra, 10

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Juicy Storm!

β€œIn the school holidays, I was helping my granddad make juice by standing in a bucket full of grapes. Just as I was about to get out, I slipped and the grape juice went all over me and the bucket landed on my head. Cringe!”

Mariana, 11


Dancing Queen!

β€œWe were practising this crazy dance scene. I was supposed to stand on a mat and start dancing crazy but when I began, I fell backwards off the mat and rolled over on the ground! It was embarrassing but funny!

Olivia Holt

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