The latest from Anna-Louise’s mini farm!

A busy summer ahead!


Welcome home Diesel & Wilson, the miniature horses! The horses are home & are grazing in the garden. Usually, the horses are kept down the road in a field, but the grass got long & we brought them home to be lawnmowers! I love having them here, it’s so nice to be able to watch them from the window.

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Diesel is enjoying the long grass – this is heaven for a horse!


It’s been so hot recently – here’s Diesel finding some shade to keep cool


Hay Beautiful! – Look at all that hay all over his face. He’s such a cheeky boy – and loves getting into trouble and causing mayhem. I’m not sure how he managed to get hay all over his head!


As you can see from the last photo, Diesel has a patchy pink nose – which means he gets sun burnt in hot weather. Every morning, we put on our sun cream together (I have to help Diesel a bit!) Here he is with his sun cream on in the blazing heat! That’s another reason why we brought him home, so that I can keep a close eye on making sure he doesn’t get burnt in the heatwaves.

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Just like we love adventures with Pokemon Go – horses love exploring too! Here I am taking Diesel for a walk around the countryside – getting him used to obeying voice commands, body language and getting him used to experiencing different places. 


Here are the new additions to the mini farm…Lavender Pekin Bantam chicks! They haven’t been named yet…stay tuned for that in the next few weeks…

They’re enjoying their new mansion home – and they love a selfie!


The beautiful Rare Breeds Centre in Kent. It was a scorcher! Look at that blue sky…

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The most amazing rabbits I’ve ever seen at the Rare Breeds Centre… trained to sit & stay. They were left to their own devices and they behaved brilliantly. I had no idea rabbits could learn that, and here’s the proof!


The headcollar is on – which means training has started! I’m teaching my miniature horses how to pull a cart…


Teaching the mini horses some ball tricks! The exercise ball is nearly as big as them! The tricks & exercises help them to become more confident around strange, new things. This is part of their training, so that they won’t be scared by anything when they are out pulling a cart.


Here they are wearing their full training kit. I am training them to pull a cart – and this is the first stage. Soon I’ll be training them to walk round obstacles & walk up hills wearing this kit. You have to teach them steadily and slowly so that they are ready. Stay tuned for the next stages of their training this summer!

PS- if you are wondering why Diesel (white/cream) & Wilson (Dun coloured) have dark faces…it’s because they’ve been eating their minerals and vitamins to keep them healthy. They are greedy, messy little monsters!


Here are the new additions – Knicka & Bocca! They still look a bit scraggly as their feathers are still growing through! They are like the Olympic swimmers – they move in synchronisation! 

Stay tuned into my radio show for stories about their training – and keep your eyes peeled on here for lots of photo updates over the next few weeks…

Wish me luck!

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