The random world of The Vamps with Girl Talk Magazine!

The boys filled us in one some of the silliest facts about each other!


On Hogwarts

“Tristan would be in Slytherin because of his hair!” – Connor


On chocolate

“Connor would be a Freddo because he’s cheeky like a frog.” – James


On superpowers

“I’d like the ability to take over other people’s powers!” – Brad


On pets

“Tristan’s got a puppy called Dobby but it’s a girl.” – Connor


On marshmallow challenge

“I think Tristan can fit ten marshmallows in his mouth at once.” – James


On Kung Fu Panda 3

“I’d quite like to be the little baby pandas that get flung around!” – Brad


On reality TV

“Brad would go on I’m a Celeb. You know the challenges where you’re suspended on wires and you have to cross something? That would be so funny!” – James


The cover stars on the latest issue are Taylor Swift, Zoella and Ariana Grande!

It’s full of quizzes, colouring and LOLS!

In this issue there’s celebrity Olympics and a superstar crossword!

PLUS find out all about the random world of The Vamps!

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